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Emergency power

We offer a variety of electrical services for both residential and commercial properties, including upgrades, repairs, replacements, and installations.

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Circuit Breaker Interlock for a Generator’s  Transfer Switch

  • Skill Level Required: Master / Advanced –Electrical Contractor with a State License.
  • Tools Required: PPE, Meter, hand tools, various power tools necessary for installing the generator and transfer switch or circuit breaker interlock kit.
  • Estimated Time:  The size of the generator, transfer switch, Fuel Supply Connection requirements and the availability of parts.
  • Important: Installing a generator and transfer switch must be well planned and performed Safely.  Permitting with all work being inspected is a must. It is illegal in the United to States to Contact your Utility Provider before injecting this in your Electrical System.

How to Use a Circuit Breaker Interlock Kit for a Generator Transfer Switch


  • The following info can only be used for a Main Breaker Fed Electrical Panel ONLY.
  • Power Injection via a  Back feed will can Result in Explosions/Electrocutions/Tragedy
  • The Circuit Breaker Interlock can only be used at the Main Breaker.

How a Circuit Breaker Interlock Kit Works

The photo above is from a job site where I installed a Circuit Breaker Generator Transfer Interlock device which allows either generator feed circuit breaker to be on or the main electrical panel breaker or the, but never both.

The interlock kit must be properly installed with the appropriate circuit breakers and then may only be used with the panel cover positioned and securely mounted in place. Consult the installation instructions of the specific interlock kit that is obtained.

  • Selecting a Generator Interlock Kit
    • It will serve as a required Manual Generator Transfer Switch and has a listed UL rating.
    • The circuit breaker for the generator power must be sized for the capacity of the generator, or match the circuit breaker that is on the generator, (consult the National Electrical Code as well as the manufacturer specifications for your particular Generator.).
  • Avoiding Generator Overload
    • This set up works well, but keep in mind that you will need to perform a Load Calculation to avoid overloading the generator and or causing a voltage overload condition.
    • We found this to be the case if our AC and septic pump came on at the same time, so I had to turn off the breaker for the septic pump and run it later.
    • Generally One can run most 120VAC Circuits but all 240VAC Circuits will not be available.
    • With Larger Generac Generators with Automatic Transfer Switches, AC, Heat, and other 240VAC availability is definitely Possible. These options can become expensive.
  • Generator Transfer Switch Required by Electrical Codes
    • IMPORTANT: A transfer switch or mechanical device such as the one shown in the picture must be installed to provide separation between the electric utility power and the generator power to prevent hazardous electrical conditions and to be compliant with electrical codes.
    • The interior electrical panel breaker feeding the generator must be sized to the overcurrent protection and the capacity of the generator.
    • Automatic Transfer Switches are much more Efficient.
  • Sizing the Interlock Transfer Switch
    • The Watts available to the home will be limited to the Size and Type of generator that you have connected.
    • Not all generators are created equally. The Watts generated will determine the Output in your Home.
    • A circuit breaker interlock device for your generator transfer switch is available for most electrical panels, circuit breaker sizes and styles.
    • All home electrical generator systems and transfer switches must be installed with a permit and be inspected as per your local building department or jurisdiction.

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If you’re older home is unable to keep up with the sometimes intense electrical demands of the 21st century, then call us for an electric service panel upgrade


Are you noticing your home’s lighting starting to flicker or lose power on a more constant basis? Then you need an electric lighting upgrade! Call us today.


We Specialize In

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  • Electrical Safety and Maintenance Inspections
  • Electrical panel upgrades
  • Recessed lighting
  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Dedicated circuits

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  • Wiring
  • Electrical Surge Protection
  • Attic and bath exhaust fans
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Fixture repair and replacement

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  • Outdoor/landscape lighting
  • Hot tub and appliance wiring
  • Dedicated Circuits and sub panels
  • Dimmer and light fixture installation
  • Breaker replacements


Electrical Lighting Upgrades

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  • Bathroom Lighting

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  • Kitchen Lighting

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  • Outdoor Security Lighting


Our Electrical Technicians are:


  • Fully screened, drug tested, and background checked for your peace of mind
  • Neat, clean and uniformed for safety and security
  • Friendly, helpful, and reliable. We don’t hire anyone we wouldn’t hire to work inside of our own homes.
  • Knowledgeable, experienced and skilled
  • Rigorously trained in customer service
  • Top-notch troubleshooters who specialize in saving you time and money
  • Fully outfitted with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and a huge inventory of parts
  • Fully licensed, bonded and insured