Electrical Fault Location

Lightning Strikes, Broken Wire, and Large amounts of Water tend to Break down the Insulation of Underground Direct Burial Electrical Cable. Electrical Fault Location can be difficult if you don’t have the proper instruments.

Since the short, the ground-fault, the arc-fault, and the electrical shock are all faults, the process for locating fault-points are similar. You begin by isolating parts of the circuit from one another. Then testing of the Electrical Fault Location for the continued presence of the continuity. While this can be accomplished with a process of elimination. I belive the most efficient way is to begin from the energy source. Eliminate all the variables, reintroducing them one at the time until the fault is cleared. Electrical Fault Location when Dealing with Cable is common. Don’t Waste Valuble Time. Use your resources wiseley by Calling the Best Commercial Electrical Services in Dawsonville GA. They will handle all your needs, Today. So how can you tell which leg of the circuit is causing the outage? If it is the hot wire that is open — not getting through from the bad connection onward — you may not be able to learn its circuit. Yes, you could try to believe the panel, or you could turn off other circuits one at a time and see which one “seems less full” than the others. But you have a 50/50 chance that it is the neutral (white) that is open instead. If it is, you can absolutely know which circuit you are dealing with. Its virtually impossible to figure this out if you’re not using the proper test equipment. Save hundreds by using what the pro’s use. Better yet, call the pros! I spent several thousand dollars for this test equipment. My Loss is your Gain. Call me @ 678.682.0387 today! I tell you what, if you mention this article I will buy you a Coca-Cola.

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Electrical Fault Location
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